Happy Eostre!

Yes, that’s right. Eostre not easter. Easter it may be commonly known as, but it certainly isn’t christian. But then most so called christian holidays aren’t christian.

The date of Eostre is not fixed, but is governed by the phases of the moon, a tradition dating back to ancient times. The celebrations would include the giving of eggs, eating sweet cakes, and in Northern Europe, the celebration of the hare. The hare is the sacred animal to the Goddess Eostre.

Even the ressurection story has been stolen from the more ancient Pagan stories.

Egyptian Osiris was slain by his brother, Set, and resurrected by his wife, Isis. Sumerian Inanna was hung naked to a stake, descended into the underworld, and was then resurrected. These are but two examples. The Pagan myths from around the world all have similar stories.

So Happy Eostre! May the Goddess bless you all.


Time Off Coming To An End

Well my annual leave has finished. I now just have the bank holidays and the weekend. It has gone rocket fast. Like a speeding bullet train. Like the speed of light. Anyway, you get the picture.

Didn’t write anything yesterday. I was too busy. Finished my annual leave on nice note though. Saw two old mates who I’ve not seen for a few years. Had a lovely meal and a few drinks. Had a good moan about the state of the country, discussed our various health problems, and didn’t get home til 1am. Dirty stop out!

The weekend will be taken up with helping the family move!

Am I Lucky To Have A Job?

Watched a section of This Morning about a woman on £70 000 benefits a year. Granted a third of that goes to her 3 children in grants, etc, for studying. She reckoned she gets over £2000 a month but has less than £200 to live on after paying the bills.

She has worked most of her life so is taking back what she has put in. And she says she is currently looking for a job, but has only been offered £20 000 per annum. She’s a chartered accountant and has to pay £5000 to upgrade her qualifications before she can restart this career. The question is what if she had never worked?

I’m not on £20 000 a year with my job, but I have self-respect because I’m working. When I look at these people who have never worked since leaving school it makes me sick. You then have these so called assylum seekers who are given free kitchen appliances, free phones, free houses, benefits, etc.

Assylum seekers are supposed to seek assylum in the first country they reach after leaving their own. That means that most of the people seeking assylum in this country have either gone the wrong way when they boarded the boat, or have travelled across many countries before reaching us. If that’s the case they can’t be much of an assylum seeker. If I was trying to flee my country I would seek refuge in the nearest country, especially if I had children to look after, not travel thousands of miles, for example from Africa to England. I think it’s safe to say that many of them come here because of the benefits and seeking assylum is a convenient excuse.

I’ve known a few people, born here, who couldn’t be bothered to work. Getting a job and working for a week then coming down with some mystery illness. They would then go back on benefits until forced to get work again, and the same thing would happen. One guy was even content to allow his partner to work as a cleaner so that she could give her kids a decent life. He didn’t do anything.

Why does the benefit system allow these things to happen? These people should not be getting money for nothing. The government tried making people work for free to get their benefits, but the do-gooders said it was against their human rights! What about my human rights?

I work hard for what I have. Why should I have to pay for these loosers? Surely that’s against my human rights. Even many homeless people have self-respect and sell the Big Issue to make a few pound. They’re people who want to make better lives for themselves. These other lazy ba**ards are parasites living off the rest of us. They should be squashed.

Improving Weather

Haven’t been out today. Been too busy at home. I can see the snow is melting though. I’ve also had post today. The first time since Thursday.

It’s funny how certain people don’t work in bad weather. We’ve had no post for a few days, the bins haven’t been emptied. My street and the surrounding roads are lined with full bins. Bins that should have been emptied last Friday. I’m obviously in the wrong job.

Enjoying my annual leave. But this week is going by far too quickly.

First Working Day of Annual Leave

Decided to go shopping. Only had a few things to do in town. As usual I forgot half of them! Still, had a nice morning. Treated myself to breakfast in BHS. I was thinking about cinema as well, but it’s freezing out there. Maybe later in the week.

The snow is starting to melt now but there’s a lot of running water on the roads and footpaths. If it doesn’t dry up the ice will be treachorous tomorrow.

Got a taxi to my daughters home yesterday. Our council hadn’t gritted any of the roads. The taxi driver said he’d seen two accidents that morning. This was at 10.30am. Imagine how many there could have been by teatime.

Why do people still think they can race when there’s snow and ice on the roads? Do they think they’re going to get to their destination quicker? Maybe they’re right. The automatic skid would certainly speed up the momentum. Question is – would they still be going in the correct direction?

Absence Due to Bad Weather

I’m so glad I’m not at work this week. Apparently this snow is due to stay for a few days. It makes it awkward going shopping and getting things done outside of the home, but at least I can walk into the nearby towns. Work is a bit too far away to walk.

When we had the bad snow a few years ago, I remember the company closing early the one day. They got worried about people being able to get home. Nice of them.

The following day they informed everyone that we either had to make the hours up or take it as annual leave. Most of us refused. After all they should have advised us of this before sending us home. There were some people who worked the hours. Mad bunch.

The company is not going to slip up like that again! They’ve issued guidelines on attending work in bad weather. Basically we have to get there. If, for some reason, there is no way we can make it, then it has to be taken as leave. These are also the guidlines from ACAS. I checked.

So we have no choice. We either have to get there by car, taxi, bus, or walk (no chance).


Further to my recent blog about positive future developments, the company has now decided to enable the call centre to test out having email.

You may wonder why we don’t have email. We do too. In this day of modern technology you’d have thought that we should be able to email documents to customers. Or at least any normal thinking person would.

The company feels that the call centre staff will abuse the email. The rest of the company have email, but of course, there is no possible way that they would ever be guilty of abusing it.

Anyway, before I climb onto my ever-ready soapbox, they asked us for reasons why we thought we should have email. This had to be a maximum of 100 words?! I duly went around my team to get feedback, to be greeted by some extremely sound reasons/comments, but also the stupidity of ‘I don’t think we should have it’. These people should either go back to primary school or back to the slave-trading days when they weren’t allowed to be free thinking.

I put together a proposal. I think it was around 100 words. It looked it. I didn’t bother counting. The managers said I stated the facts very well, especially when mentioning the little details about all the bits of paper we have lying around, which is against FSA regulations. Can’t forget the FSA now can I? That would be sacrilege.

So we’re now waiting to see if my short proposal bears fruition. I’ll keep you posted. By blog, not by email.

You’ve Just Given It To Me

A customer phoning our call centre today informed me that he was calling to get more information on a product featured on our internet page, for £71.

I asked him how I could help him, to which he asked, ‘could you give me the price?’ My answer? ‘You’ve just told me the price!’ ‘Oh, right’, he says. ‘It’s £71 is it?’

Do people think the prices on the net are false? Do they think we are trying to hoodwink them? Do they think we are going to give them a different price if they phone us?

Many companies offer a cheaper price when you buy over the net. Maybe people should bear this in mind before phoning us with stupid questions.


It seems that since the Conservatives have been in government, a number of prominent, large companies have gone down. Well our company has not been immune to the economic downturn in this country.

We had many voluntary redundancies last year, and it was announced today that more redundancies are on the way. There will be a 90 day consultation period to work out the terms.

I’m pretty sure that the changes with the FSA regulations have also contributed to this. I’m also sure that other companies doing the same sort of jobs will also be affected.

The sooner the Conservatives are out of government, the better off this country will be. They are slowly and surely crippling the UK.

A Matter of a Simple Yes or No

A customer hung up on me today because I asked him to confirm his boiler details.

He asked me to take his boiler details from an old cancelled policy, in order to raise a new insurance policy.

I read the boiler make and model out to him and asked him to confirm that these details were correct. A simple question requiring a yes or no answer. His reply was ‘take the boiler details off the old policy’. I again asked him to confirm if they were correct. He then hung up.

What is it with people today?

We have to check all the details when we set up a policy. We are regulated by the FSA. Most of the questions we are required to ask, are to verify details, and a simple yes or no answer will suffice in most cases. Surely this can’t be too hard?

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