When Was It Posted?

We frequently get customers ringing us to ask if we have received their applications or registrations. After searching diligently on the computer system we invariably ask: ‘When was it posted?’

We get a variety of answers to this question.

‘I posted it yesterday.’
‘It definitely won’t have got to us yet. Ring us next week.’

‘I posted the form at the weekend.’
‘The post doesn’t work the weekend. Ring us at the end of the week.’

‘I posted it three months ago.’
‘Yes it’s here. You should have had confirmation before now. I’ll get that reprinted for you.’

My favourite was one that came through a few days ago.

‘When did you post it?’
‘I posted it at the same time as several other letters.’



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Our Little Stray

Star, the little stray cat that ran into my kitchen, went to his new home yesterday. I helped my daughter get everything she needed for him and we then picked him up from my home and took him to hers. He seemed to be right at home there.

He’ll get a lot more attention there – he has already shown us that he likes as much attention as possible!

He’s taken to running up and down the stairs already, and he loves the banisters where he can poke his head through and watch everybody downstairs.

He’s not too keen on his pyramid bed – he’s taken to the living room mat though!

He hasn’t noticed the fish tank yet. That’s going to be interesting.

He’ll have to be kept in for a few days until he gets used to his new home, but I reckon he’ll settle in quickly there.

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A work colleague had a particularly nasty individual on the phone a few days ago, who insisted in finishing every sentence with the word ‘woman’. We always give our name to the caller – it’s politeness as well as good service. However, this man wasn’t interested in using my colleagues name as he didn’t wish to speak to a woman!

The conversation went along these lines:

‘Good morning. You’re through to (name of colleague). How can I help you?’ She asked politely.

‘Put a man on the phone, woman. I’m not speaking to you.’ He demanded.

‘We are very busy at the moment and my colleagues are busy on other calls, so how can I help you?’ She asked again, politely.

‘Renew my policy, woman.’ He spat.

My colleague was polite throughout the call. But even when she reminded the customer of her name, he still didn’t use it.

Personally I would not have put up with his rudeness and, let’s face it, his prejudice. We are living in the 21st century and to think that there are people like this in the UK now is unbelievable. What a prat!

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The Good Girl

Black Cat

Looks like we have a new addition to the family. A little black cat ran into my kitchen on Wednesday night. Friendly little thing but covered in fleas and starving. Wolfed down three full dishes of food and wanted more. I was bit weary of giving him any more as he might have been sick.

Luckily I’d got some flea stuff so I did him straight away, and de-wormed him the next day. The scratching has taken away most of the fur on his back legs, belly, and the fur is very thin on his back.

My cat is not too happy about this new addition using his litter tray or eating from his dishes! Still there’s not been any major scraps, just a bitt of hissing and growling.

I’ve advertised him on Cats Protection – just in case someone is looking for him. I reckon he’s been on the streets for a while, but has been fed by people. He doesn’t seem to know what toys are and just backs away from them so I don’t think he can hunt. I’m betting that people have fed him bits, feeling sorry for him, but wouldn’t have him in the house because of the fleas.

Took him up the vets on Saturday. Vet said he was in good health apart from being very thin. He is neutured, about 2 years old, but has an allergy to the flea bites.

I’ve kept him in for the last few days. He’s using the litter tray perfectly, and is a real little cutey. If no one claims him, which I don’t think they will, then my daughter will be having him.

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Pay Attention!

We frequently get customers who can’t be bothered to pay attention to the details we give them. They’ll call up to take a policy and tell us to ‘get on with it’ as they have the information on the letter we sent them. If we ask whether they’ve read the letter the answer is usually ‘no’. But they’re usually too busy eating their lunch or watching TV to be bothered listening to important information.

We even get the smart alecs who put the phone down and walk away while we give legal information. It’s great when they call up complaining they weren’t told something. We can send them a very nice recording on CD of the call, so they can hear themselves walking off. Lovely!

There’s always the other side of the coin. We sometimes get parents or grandparents calling up with a crying child in the room. There’s often no other adult present. I’m frequently heard asking the customer if they would like to see to the child and ring us back later. It’s amazing how many of them say the child is ok. I feel like screaming at them! Or reminding them that I have their name and address and could report them for neglect. Bet they didn’t think of that.

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Over easter we had an incentive to win a team night out. A photo was taken of an egg in several places around the company, and we had to decide where it was. The incentive was open to everyone and was fun trying to dicipher where the egg was. The first person to get it right each time got an easter egg and their names went into the draw for the team night out.

I had a go at most of the photos and won an easter egg. It wasn’t my team that won the night out though.

The disappointing part is that the rest of my team didn’t bother at all. Not even guessing on one photo. If all of them had had a go, then all of our names would have been in the draw so our team would have had multiple chances of winning.

Sometimes the ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude stinks.

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Happy Ostara; Happy Eostre; Happy Easter;

Hope everyone has had a couple of lovely bank holidays. I have apart from the fact that I had to work on Saturday. Luckily it was pretty quite – I reckon a lot of people had gone away for the long weekend.

And now the bad news – we are back at work tomorrow.

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