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NATURAL MATRIX THERAPY will be offering EFT tapping sessions, and selling a variety of healing crystals, gemstone jewellery, prints, and more at the following events. Come and try tapping, or get your early Christmas presents.

28 + 29 Sept Bridgtown Social Club, Cannock, WS11 0JB 12pm to 5pm

6 Oct Bloxwich Leisure Centre, Bloxwich, WS3 2DA 11am to 4pm

20 Oct Hollyfield Social Club, Woodacre RD, Erdington B24 0JT 11am to 4pm

26 + 27 Oct Pelsal Community Centre, Pelsall, WS3V4BQ

3 Nov Arden Hall, Birmingham, B36 9PB 11am to 4pm

8 Dec Bloxwich Leisure Centre, Bloxwich, WS3 2DA 11am to 4pm

15 Dec St Bart’s Community Church Hall, Penn, WV4 5HU 1pm to 4pm

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12 June 2019

It’s often thought that complementary therapies are more of woman’s domain, especially in Western society. After all women are known to pamper ourselves with the facial, the haircut, having our nails done, a day at the spa, an aromatherapy massage or a reflexology treatment, for instance. We’ve known the benefits of spending some time on ourselves away from the busy schedule of kids, partner, family, work, and everything else for some time. An hour or so to forget the responsibilities and worries is often a blessing, not to mention the positive affect it has on our wellbeing.

In the last ten years there has been an increase in the number of men who have found the benefits of spending time on themselves too. They’ve discovered how relaxing a massage can be, or how calming and healing a reiki treatment is. The import of Eastern philosophies has become more popular and widespread, especially with yoga and meditation helping anger issues and improving inner peace.

Of course, men have used massage for years in sport as a way to prevent or heal injuries. They’ve also used things like Thought Field Therapy for psychological issues for almost a century. But they’ve seen them as being of a more medical treatment then as a method of relaxation or mindfulness. Having a back massage was seen to be something sexual, done by beautiful, scantily dressed women who were trained to pleasure!

Thankfully times are changing. Men are beginning to see the benefits of spending time on themselves in a way that can have a positive effect on the mind, body and spirit. In a holistic sense rather than a purely medical one. They are now enjoying the massage without seeing it as the domain of sports people or expecting the ‘extras’ that have a detrimental effect on their conscience as well as the women providing them. They now want to relax and find the inner peace, forget the worries and stress of everyday routines. Mindfulness and wellbeing are now being seen as a method of prevention and increasingly as something necessary.





 20 – 30 MINUTES PER PERSON     –     PRICES:    EACH PERSON £15     –     HOST IS FREE


I am a certified crystal healer.

Must be room to put portable massage couch up.

Day time only. Available to Black Country and surrounding areas.

Please contact me to book, or for any further details.


FACEBOOK – Natural Matrix Therapy


EFT taster sessions all weekend and a one hour workshop – Introduction to EFT – Saturday 26 Jan 3pm to 4pm

Tickets available on Eventbrite:




Co-ordinated Press Release

Workshop:  Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique

£5 per person – pay on door or get tickets on Eventbritewem may contain: text

Join me in Bridgtown Social Club for EFT taster sessions and 1 hour workshop – Introduction to EFT – £5 per person

For Astrology and Tarot please see,,, and Look for Natural Matrix Therapy.




Look for Natural Matrix Therapy in Stafford 28.07.18.

Come and try EFT yourself. Or come and find out how to use a pendulum.

I’ll also be selling a selection of gemstones and candles.

I’ll be in Cannock 30th June for EFT taster sessions. 1/2 hour £10. I’ll also be holding a workshop at 4.30pm – Fear of spiders. This is one of the most common phobias so I’ll be showing you how to tackle it with the simple technique of tapping. Cost £5 per person.

For more information about the workshop click here:

Selection of crystals for sale on Ebay. Look for naturalmatrixtherapy – click ‘advanced’ next to the search button. In the left-hand screen click on ‘by seller’ and enter naturalmatrixtherapy in the seller ID box.

Join me in Sutton for EFT sessions

Look for the Natural Matrix Therapy banner. 1/2 hour EFT taster session for £10.

Join me live on Facebook 6pm (UK time) 18 March 2018




This is the video of Nick Ortner giving a tapping (EFT) demonstration in the States. Nick is also trying to get tapping into the schools in the US to reduce stress, bullying, violence, and anything else negative that the kids may be facing. Who knows, it may have saved some lives if more people had been listening to him.


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