I studied at the Mayo School of Astrology, and now provide emailed or printed Natal Birth Chart Reports, or just the chart itself.

I will calculate your Birth Chart based on the information you provide (see below), which will show where the planets were at the time and date of your birth. This makes the report a unique and personalised account. The chart is interpreted for you to show you where your strengths and weakness’s lie in different areas of your life.

This report can be bought for yourself or as a unique gift for someone else – birthdays, anniversaries, births, etc.

Find out where the planets were when your were born & what it means for you.
What strengths do you draw on?
What specific challenges do you face?
What is your Sun Sign?
What is your Rising Sign?

Details I Need To Calculate Your Chart:
1) Birth Date
2) Birth Time
3) Place of Birth
4) Full Name
5) Email address for emailed reports.

Please Note: – The time, date, and place of birth are important to give accurate information. Without these details the chart will not give a correct or complete analysis. These details also mean that the report will be personalised for you, or the person you are buying it for.
Your Natal chart is calculated, drawn, & the meaning is then interpreted based on the planetary positions, signs, houses, aspects, & angles. This helps to give an understanding of your path in life.

It will include:
A Chart and table of aspects; Interpretations of planets, signs, houses; Interpretations of major Aspects.
About 20 A4 pages of in-depth, personalised information.

The printed reports are on A4 paper, and are around 20 pages long, comb-bound, and posted to you within 3 days of payment.

Price is £20.00. Click here to order:

The emailed reports will be sent as a .doc attachment. Price is £10.00. Click here to order:

If you would like the chart on its own the price is £2.99. This is printed on A4 white card. Click here to order:

The report will not tell you how to live your life or what decisions to make, it can only translate your chart so that you may find it helpful to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie when making future plans.

All information is kept confidential.

Type of report or chart
Emailed Natal Chart and Report £10.00 GBP
Printed Natal Chart and Report £20.00 GBP
Chart only £2.99 GBP
Please incude you details:


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