Grand National Sweepstakes

The usual Grand National sweepstakes were being held at work today, with the usual ‘religious’ people avidly discussing it. I refused to take part as normal.

I think this spectacle is disgusting. How many lives have to be lost before something will be done to end it? Because it’s horses that are dying many people seem to have no conscience or care. Life is important in whatever form it comes in. No wonder there is still racism in the world. After all if something looks different why should we care about it?

Why is it that so many people who claim to be religious enjoy cruelty? Surely if you believe that your God created the Earth and everything on it, then you are saying that your God is the prime artist. If you truely respect an artist then you would respect the artists work – in every form it comes in. You would go out of your way to protect that artists work.

There seems to be many religious people trying their best to convert others to their beliefs, and yet they are supporting things like the Grand National, dog fighting, bear baiting, treating livestock like crap, and they try to make out that they are pious. They make me sick. Hypocritical bigots.

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