Well, after spending 7 hours in the city today I am now sitting typing this, with my feet on a massage cushion, a DVD on, and a glass of Baileys. The washer is on so I will soon have to start ironing 😦 If I want to be able to wear clothes at work, that is.

I have recently finished a beautiful tiger jigsaw, which I am now going to frame. It’s been years since I’ve done a jigsaw. I haven’t been able to see the pieces for a few years because of cataracts. They were both done, one in 2011, and the other last year. I was almost blind for a couple of years, so it’s absolutely wonderful now that I can see ok again.

Horrible operation, cataract. You are fully conscious, but can’t feel anything. It’s horrible to think of someone working on your eye. They cut your eye ball and suck out the lens then replace it with an artifical lens. The worst part is the anesthetic. Doesn’t hurt, but it feels as if your eyeball is popping out!

My cataracts haven’t gone completely. At some point in the future I shall have to have laser treatment to open a hole in the cataract again.

I’m taking full advantage of good eyesight at the moment though. I’m typing these blogs, reading a lot of books, and I have plenty of jigsaws to do in my free time.

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