Engineer Dreams

Or should that be nightmares?

Our engineers have sometimes left properties without doing the repair. You may think that this is unacceptable. On the surface of things you’d be right. We always do an investigation if this happens, and we have come across some reasonable explanations as to why they may leave.

Take for instance the bathrooms that have a urine soaked carpet, or are covered with cat faeces. Or, human faeces, as some engineers have had the misfortune to come across. Not very pleasant to look at, but totally against health and safety. And then there are the insane people who feel that they can keep the engineers hostage. Yes, you read correctly. Hostage.

A few of our engineers have not been allowed to leave properties because they have not been able to do the repair straight away. Parts are often needed, and sometimes need to be ordered, especially if it’s a boiler that has broken down. Some customers do not understand that boiler parts are not always kept in stock. They seem to think they can keep the engineers hostage until it is fixed. The engineers ring in saying they are not being allowed to leave. Doors are locked and their way is barred. They cannot physically move the customer otherwise they would be in serious trouble. But the customers think it’s ok to act insane and try to keep a person prisoner in their home. Weirdo’s!

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