Here We Go Again

We’ve had a couple of revamped policies going live this week. The main one was on Monday, with the usual hullabaloo about it, fun and games, and the panic when it wasn’t working. Today we had the second revamped policy going live.

It was preceded by two lots of training, which consisted of product knowledge, how to set it up, and the calculations. Sounds simple? Well there are several mathematical formulas for the working out. Not difficult maths – we weren’t required to be nuclear physicists – but several formulas nonetheless. We were told categorically that this policy could only be set up on one system – we have 2 different working systems – and the other system would not be working.

Training done we all waited in anticipation to begin to set the policy up. We had the first calls coming through today. You probably guessed this… The system we were told to use wasn’t working. We had to set them up on the old system, the one we were told that under no circumstances were we to use. The system that we had not had training on. The system that we were told would not be working. The system that did not give us all of the calculations. Get the picture?

We are used to this now. It happens every time. The whizz kids, with the masters and doctors degrees, tell us everything has been tested and it is working perfectly.

Those of us in the call centre have a working degree in cynicism, based on experience. Our research is ongoing…

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