Chinese Whispers

We’re having a lot of changes at work at the moment. There were briefings given out last week while I was on leave, so I’ve yet to get the full details. I have been given a brief overview by our lead agent, and also the opinions of my colleagues. I seem to be getting different information from each person though.

When we are given important information we each take in the bit that is important to us personally, and then we subtley adapt it to meet our requirements. We then pass this information to other people with the slight change, or coloured by our own opinions. This information can then either become good news or bad news.

I’d rather get the information from the proverbial horse’s mouth. I’m one of those people who can’t accept what I’m being told until it comes first hand, or I’ve experienced it, or I’ve done enough research to formulate an opionion based on both positive and negative information.

The current briefings are about pay and bonus structures. Very imporant stuff for any employee. I’ve decided to hold my opinion until I’ve had the full information. And although I will listen to the opinions of my colleagues, I will not allow them to worry me.

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