Try Thinking For Yourself

You can ask me all the questions you want about the policies our company sells. I can go into the exclusions, the inclusions, the claims, the length, the price, all sorts of details. I’m trained on the policies of the company I work for. If you want to ask me about policies that other companies sell you’re not going to get very far. Ring them and ask them.

A customer today was asking quite a few details about one of our policies. I was quite happy to answer his questions. He then began to relate details of another company’s policy. I can’t comment on this as I don’t have the details. All I can do is give the comparison from our company, which is exactly what I did. The customer then began to drone on. And I mean drone on. And on. And on. And on…

It was obvious that he was thinking out loud, but very mundane thoughts. It was also obvious that he was trying to get me to say which was the better policy. (Obviously I think it’s ours.) I can’t offer an opinion on that. I don’t know what the needs of his property are. As the homeowner he should know what is best for his home. Not me. Not an agent who works for another company. The homeowner should be getting details of the various policies, and then he should sit down and work out exactly which is more suited to his needs. It’s called thinking for yourself.

The simple act of thinking seems to be getting more difficult for a lot of people. It’s far easier to let someone else do it for them. Gives them someone to blame if things go wrong. I call it the art of laziness.

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