Training All Day

A whole day of training about handling complaints. Yet again the procedure has been changed. I expect this type of thing happens in many companies. It’s very annoying for those of us at the bottom end.

On a positive note I have learnt how to get things sorted quicker if I log a complaint with anyone. Just address it to the CEO of the company.

Every company has a complaints procedure. You normally either write or phone to log your problem. It then gets passed to the complaints department who can take weeks to sort it out. If it is not resolved in 8 weeks you then have the right to take it to the ombudsman – if it is something they deal with. The ombudsman doesn’t deal with all areas. If it takes a certain length of time to resolve it has to be passed to the FCA.

By addressing the complaint to the CEO of the company, it will be dealt with at a higher level and therefore get resolved quicker. There’s also a better chance for it to be resolved in your favour. It doesn’t look good if the FCA are sent many complaints that have been addressed to the CEO. The company doesn’t want to look bad.

I’ve now made a mental decision to log more complaints when I’m dissatisfied with service. I have logged complaints in the past about a few things, but I’m also guilty of not complaining when I should. I shall start about complaining about the prices of services I receive. I don’t see why I shouldn’t get discounts. After all I pay tax. I don’t live off other people. Why shouldn’t I get cut some slack?

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