Remembrance Day & Poppy Burning

Ok, I am about to offend some people here, but poppy burning is something I feel very strongly about. Certain people of the Islamic faith have yet again been burning poppys. The question is why are they doing it?

So what’s the answer? Do they just enjoy burning flowers? Do they have tendencies towards arson? Or are they doing it deliberately to offend and upset people?

Remembrance Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, the poppy being used in mainly commonwealth countries. The poppy symbolises the lives that were lost in the first world war. A terrible conflict that resulted in so much death and destruction, and if that wasn’t bad enough, it was followed by another terrible war 30 years later. We now have a remembrance day that reminds us of the destruction. We should never forget how futile war is.

Why would anyone want to disrupt a day when people are remembering what their ancestors did for them, and how they gave their lives? Why should anyone feel that it’s nonsense to remember how terrible war can be? Why would anyone want to offend someone whose family member/s died during a war, whether as a solder or a civilian?

It’s interesting to note that Hitler’s Third Reich had several regiments that were purely Muslim.

On the internet at the moment there are a lot of stories about poppy burning. In many of them the person/people have been charged. But then there seems to be a stupid backlash against the police saying that they are too harsh! Absolute nonsense. These people should be charged, jailed and then thrown out the country. We don’t want them here.

I’ve been told about a woman in the UK who had enough of the poppy burning in her local town. She left pork in the local mosque in revenge. I’m told that she has received 12 months in jail. Absolutely ridiculous. The people burning the poppies are the ones who should be in jail.

As for the pork? Well we shouldn’t be so disrespectful towards pigs.


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