Customer Service

We frequently get comments on our customer service. Fortunately the majority are praiseworthy. We offer a survey after calls so that people can leave a comment on the customer service they have. Our operatives – many of whom have letters after their names – have extremely good comments.

Our company is very particular in the way we speak to customers.However, once in a while we get a negative comment. Here’s an example of a conversation one of my colleagues had with a customer, on a day that a local power cut had thrown all of our systems down.

‘I want to cancel my policy.’ Said the customer.

‘I’m afraid I can’t do anything at the moment as a local power cut has caused our systems to go down. Would you be able to call back later?’

‘Don’t you want to know why I’m cancelling?’

‘Normally I would ask you, but unfortunately our systems are down at the moment so I’m not able to do anything for you.’

‘It’s because you customer service is crap! You can’t do anything! If you want to phone me tomorrow you can…’ Customer slammed the phone down.

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