Astrology Birth Chart with Analysis Report, printed, comb-bound, Posted.

I calculate your Birth Chart based on the information you provide, showing the planets at the time and date of your birth. The chart is interpreted for you to show where your strengths and weakness’s lie in different areas of your life. It looks at finances, career, family, and personality, to name just a few things. This makes the report a unique and personalised account of your inner self.

This A4 report is approximately 30 pages long, printed, comb-bound, and posted to you within 5 days of payment. Will post internationally.  You will also receive a separate chart printed on A4 card ready for framing. Frame is not included.

The report will not tell you how to live your life or what decisions to make, it can only translate your chart so that you may find it helpful to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie when making future plans. EMAIL:

Please Note: –

The time, date, and place of birth are important to give accurate information. Without these details the chart will not give a correct or complete analysis. 


Your personal Birth Chart printed on A4 white card, ready for framing (frame not included). Postage included.

Please remember to email me the details I need to raise your chart – see above.




Includes information about your zodiac Sun sign, positive and negative traits, famous people born under that sign, and general information, such as colours, gemstones, flowers, etc. Headings are done using the colour of that Sun Sign.

Printed on A4 size card, ready for framing. Frame not included. Despatched in hard-backed envelope. Postage included.

As this is personalised, please let me have your name and date of birth (day and month will be fine).


All information is kept confidential. Natural Matrix Therapy is registered with the ICO under the new GDPR.


Very impressed with the speedy service, good communication and early dispatch of the Chart and Report. The Report is detailed, articulate and thought-provoking. Very pleased with my purchase which I’m sure my daughter will love for her birthday. Many Thanks 🙂

A wonderful, breathtakingly insightful chart, beautifully presented and received within days of ordering. Thank you Amanda for the time you’ve taken to prepare my chart, and the depth and accuracy of your interpretations.

Really detailed and accurate. Arrived quickly and in lovely condition. Thank you!

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