Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing?

Everything around us is made of energy and vibrates at various frequencies. Although we can’t see this energy under normal circumstances its existence has been confirmed by scientists who have managed to capture images with Kirlian Photography. Crystals are also made up of this energy to different degrees, so each stone vibrates at a different frequency.

Crystal healing is the use of this vibrational energy within the stone to help the body repair and heal itself, and to heal and restore energy on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Crystals are placed on and/or around the body to cleanse, balance, or treat specific areas, as well as an aid to expand our consciousness, and helping to release worries, stress, pain, and confusion.

Crystal therapy is very relaxing, and you may experience feeling warmth or vibrations from the crystals themselves, rushes of energy, seeing colours or shapes in your mind, or tingling sensations, to name but a few things.

What to expect during a Crystal Healing Session

After completing the consultation, I will ask you to lie down on the massage couch. You can use your own sofa if you prefer. You will not be required to undress at all. Crystals are then placed along points or energy centres on the body called chakras. I begin by cleansing the body, using the crystals, then I’ll balance your chakras using different crystals. The chakras help to regulate the flow of energy around your body, and when they are in balance it helps the body fight ailments. You have the optional extra to have healing treatment on specific areas. We end by using the crystals to cleanse and ground the body again.

Appointments for home visits only, within West Midlands. Parking and accessibility is required as I’ll have a massage couch and equipment with me. I’ll also need room to set up the massage couch.

Included in packages 3 and 4. See Package prices for details. Alternatively you can have a crystal healing session on it’s own. A 45 minute session is £25. 1 hour to 1.5 hours is £33.

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