Work Toilets

I touched on the topic of work toilets in my last blog. Well this blog is devoted to the subject! DO NOT READ WHILE EATING.

I’m sure everyone knows of people who go the toilet and don’t bother washing their hands. There’s also those who can’t be bothered to flush the toilet or put paper towels in the bin. I work with a few of them.

It’s normal routine to go to the toilets and enter several cubicles before finding a clean one. Usually it’s because some lazy person can’t be bothered to flush the loo. On the rare occasion it’s because the flush mechanism is not working properly. I say rare because we have many plumbers working for our firm – we sell plumbing insurance. Any problem with the loos and they’re fixed pretty quickly. Problems with certain staff members aren’t that easy to fix.

Some people are not just lazy – they are dirty scrubbers. Not flushing the chain could be classed as lazy. Missing the bin with the paper towel and not picking it up is lazy. But dropping dirty toilet paper on the floor instead of in the toilet pan is dirty. DIRTY! Covering the toilet seat with loo paper and then not cleaning it off is dirty. DIRTY! Leaving urine or blood on the seat is dirty. DIRTY! And leaving shit on the toilet seat is being a F*CKING DIRTY SCRUBBER.

I walked into the toilets the one day to see someone cleaning her feet so she could go and pray. Around her feet lay about 8 or 9 paper towels. You wouldn’t stand in someone else’s rubbish to wash your feet or any other part of the body I’m thinking. In which case it had to be her rubbish. There are two bins in the toilets, and each cubicle has it’s own bin. The one bin was well within easy reach of her. She may need clean feet to go and pray but she was putting the same shoes on – dirty shoes – and dropping the paper towels on the floor. In my humble opinion this certainly makes her a dirty person. Or am I missing something?

There’s been a sign up in the toilets, actually above the sinks, warning people not to sit on the sink. I wonder why people would need to sit on the sink? What exactly are they washing? It doesn’t bear thinking about. Especially when intimate wipes are commonly available, and each toilet is equipped with loo paper.

Talking to the cleaners is real eye opener. They’ve obviously seen things that we really don’t want to think about. As well as the dirty toilets, unflushed toilets, and loo paper or paper towels strewn everywhere the cleaners have also seen snot being wiped on the doors, shit being wiped on the doors, blood wiped on the doors, plastic cups being shoved down the toilet, sanitary towels dropped on the floor or blocking the toilet. They have a really nasty experience cleaning the loos every day.

However, my favourite two stories from the cleaners are: the carrier bag full of shit in the bin, and the bags full of curry attached to each cubicle door in the other building. Yes you read it correctly. Someone had shit in a carrier bag and put it in the bin in the toilets. Why not sit on the toilet? Why would you shit in a carrier bag? Your guess is as good as mine.

One of the cleaners found that someone had attached a bag of curry to each cubicle door in the toilets in the other building. Maybe the person who did this thought the people in that building were constipated. Whatever the reason they were obviously off their rocker.

If you’ve read this I bet you’ll never think of work or public toilets in the same way again. I certainly don’t. I carry a pack of wipes in the bag at all times. I’ve mentioned this in previous blogs. They come in very useful.

Aches, Pains, And Ailments

Following on from previous blogs about the ease of falling sick in the call centre, it’s not just people going to work sick that are the problem. There’s also the hazard of the aches, pains, ailments from the job itself and the equipment being used.

It’s normally very busy and we are requested to give a lot of information when setting up a policy, as well as the normal daily customer service ad answering enquiries. It’s important, if not crucial, to keep a drink on the desk as talking so much dries the throat and it can become very sore very quickly. This obviously leads to the problem of wanting the loo frequently. We are allowed 15 minutes during the day for toilet breaks, this is on top of breaks and lunch. It’s very easy to go over this, even when breaks and lunch are used for the toilet too, as we all drink a lot of water, tea and coffee, which are diuretics, and pop. Caffeine, which is in a lot of fizzy drinks, as well as tea and coffee, is also a diuretic.

We also wear a headset and all too often the customers come through on a bad line, or eating, coughing, sniffing, clearing their throats, shouting, or just speaking too fast that we can’t get a word in edgeways. It often causes headaches or earache. The stress it generates creates back and neck strain. We get eye strain from staring at the computer so much and from the overhead lights. Then there’s the constantly changing temperature. Every day it’s hot then cold, hot then cold, hot then cold…My jumper’s on then off, on then off, on then off…

Then there’s the desk hopping. When you’ve finished for the day, or if you’re not in, there’s often someone who will sit at your desk so they can chat to a mate. The slightest cough over the keyboard and you’ve had it. Or if they have a cold and rub their nose. You get the picture? I keep a pack of disinfectant wipes in my bag. They kill 99.9% of germs – so it says on the packet.

And there’s the noise in the call centre. People around you are normally on the phone. If they’re not then they’re chatting, laughing, joking, or sometimes shouting across the bay to another bay. I can’t count the amount of times I have had to ask people to keep quiet because I’m straining to hear a customer. And more often than not, it’s the managers not the agents who are causing the noise.

The worst problem by far is the total lack of hygiene of some people. I’ve seen people picking their nose and wiping it under the desk, and I know people who can’t be bothered to wash their hands after going to the toilet. In fact the state of the toilets and what the cleaners have to put up with will be the subject of another blog – not to be read whilst eating.

Not only do we have to have a thick skin to deal with the irate, aggressive, and plain rude customers (not all of them thank goodness), we also need a super human immune system to just survive work.

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