Did you know that boilers are born?

One of my customers recently told me that his boiler had been born in 2006. I reckon this was a Vailant effort on the mothers part. It must have been a high pressured labour. The little spark must have proved a Thorn in his mom’s side while she was carrying him. I’m sure everyone lit up when he was born. In an Ideal world this event would have taken place Baxi at home, in the Chaffateux. The little Glowworm would have emerged all warm and snuggly, everyone feeling happier on birth with a lowering of pressure. His father, being a very Viessmann, took his mom to the hospital in Worcestor. She wasn’t too happy about this, but Dad said Vokera. They were going there. The hospital said this was the Alpha boiler born there, so this was sure to Grant him good wishes for the future. The parents were sure to have Ariston. He is currently attending school in Keston.

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