Customers v The DPA Regulatons

Yet again I had someone phone up and ask me to discuss details of a policy not in their name. I can understand that if they are the spouse of the policy holder, it can be annoying if they can’t deal with payments or amendments.

This particular person was the partner of the policy holder. She wasn’t at all pleased that I needed the policy holders permission to renew the policy. Even when I advised her it was now a regulatory requirment, she didn’t care that she could possibly be breaking the law. She could get me fired, and the company fined. In the end she hung up.

DPA regulations are there to keep our details safe. Or the customers details safe to be specific. We’re all customers in one way or another.

Imagine if someone phoned a company, eg an insurance company, and asked for details of your insurance. Imagine if they were requesting amendments. May be they want to change the name on the policy, or change the way it is paid. Perhaps it is a family member who is phoning to find out what insurance you’ve taken out. What if you don’t want them to know? How would you feel if the insurance company were to just go ahead and change things without your permission?

Disclosing these details could cause an awful lot of problems for some people. On the other hand, other people would find it a blessing.

The DPA is there to protect people. If you want your spouse/son/daughter/relative to deal with the policy, or whatever it may be, on your behalf, then just let the company know. Quite simple. Ring them and give instructions. Send a copy of the POA. Send a letter giving your permission. Don’t expect an agent to put their job on the line for you.

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