Call Centre v Agent

One of the problems we are having at the moment is that the managers are targetting people for the slightest thing.

One of my colleagues responded to a customer by saying “gosh!” Management immediately took her off the phone and said she’d been swearing. The call recording was listened to but due to a bad line all that could be heard was the last sylable “sh”.

The customer certainly didn’t respond as if she had sworn. And no swear word is heard on the recording, whether because of a bad line or otherwise.

In my opinion the company doesn’t have a leg to stand on here. It has to be proved. They can’t prove it. So what they did was to cause panic and stress in someone who hadn’t done anything wrong. Fear mongering. My company is highly skilled in fear mongering.

It seems to spreading to other companies as well. I think it’s due to the poor economic situation. Companies seem to think that they can treat their staff like dirt, and get away with it, because of the lack of jobs. They think people will put up with crap, rather than lose their jobs.

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