The Gremlins Strike Again

What an eventful day! I am firmly of the opinion that certain departments in my company are all gremlins. They cannot possibly be sane human beings.

There are many mailings going out, I’m told. We’re having a special offer. All the codes are working. Everything is on the system. Yeah right!

The prices are incorrect, the codes are incorrect. My poor boss was ripping his hair out. I was screaming blue murder. One of my colleagues had her head down on the desk. We’re about ready to walk out.

Of course the culprits weren’t at work today. Why should they be bothered? They’re not dealing with customers who wish to take out a reduced price offer.

I had to discount over £100 for one customer who had the patience of a saint. I was frantically trying to sort things out and find a code that actually worked. As if they would. In the end I used the normal codes and discounted the price. Sorted it out in the end, but not in the correct way.

Looking forward to the mayhem of Monday.

Categories: Call Centres

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