Customer for a change…

This last week I have had occasion to deal with a particular DVD rental company.

My normal subscription has not been updated correctly so I of course contacted them to put it right. I explained about the series I was watching not being sent out correctly, and a free disc being sent, which was then incorrectly updated in place of my normal subscription.

Firstly I was sent a standard email explaining about a series not being sent in the correct order, because I hadn’t put it on high priority. It was on high priority.

I answered this by explaining again that my list had been incorrectly updated.

I was then sent a further email apologising & saying they were sending another disc in way on an apology.

I again responded. This time in huge capital letters. Just in case they had problems seeing it.

The third email received from them stated that they were sending the next disc of the series as a special allocation! On top of my normal subscription!

My latest response was to state that I’m not explaining again. They can read my previous emails.

I’ve noticed that all 3 emails from them are signed by someone with a foreign name. Whether these people can’t understand English or whether they can’t be bothered to read, I can’t decide. I could ring, but if they can’t understand written English what hope is there of them understanding me with my Black Country accent?

It will be interesting to see what the fourth email states. I will keep you posted.

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