Your Address?

Why is that so many customers don’t know their address?

Look, if you only put your house number and the street name on an envelope, it’s not going to get to you! Got that? You have to put the whole address on, or at least the first line and the post code.

When you give me the first line of your address, and then ask me to check on your policy, how do you expect me to know who the hell you are?

So, if you give me, for example, 1010 Bucks Street, how about telling me where the hell it is. Is it in England? Scotland? Wales? Ireland? India? USA? Greenland? Mars? Pluto? The local asylum?

If you have a problem remembering your address, it may be a good idea to write it on labels and sew them into your clothes. That way you’ll always have something to refer to.

This system also helps if you have problems remembering your name.

It works very well for primary school children, so I’m sure it will help you too.

Your’re welcome. Glad to be of assistance.

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