Coughs and Colds Galore!

The call centre seems to be a hot bed of disease at the moment. People seem to be dropping like flies with one thing or another. I’ve just developed a sore throat.

Thing is people are too afraid to stay at home when they are ill. The company often puts pressure on people to attend work. They then pass whatever disease they are carrying, around the call centre like a speeding freight train.

I think that companies should ban sick people from the work place, unless they are recovering from an operation, which is not contagious. This would prevent infections from spreading and would ultimately reduce hours lost through sick time.

Sick people should also be banned from phoning our call centre. Hearing people coughing and sniffing down the phone is enough to make me puke. Literaly. I’ve had to cut people off before now because I was almost throwing up.

Don’t ring me if you’re coughing or sniffing. It’s against my health and safety to listen to it. Go away.

Categories: Call Centres

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