Something Nice

Decided it was about time I wrote something nice, so here it is.

My company is looking forward, trying to make things better for its employees. About time.

It’s appointed four committees looking at various areas that are sadly lacking. I’m on one of the sub-committees, trying to improve communication throughout the business. The formation of these committees is a very positive step towards improving productivity.

The reason behind it? Well, it’s due to an internal survey that the company did, that produced such shocking figures on the way the employees saw the company, that they were propelled into acting.

This is after the company spent several years in the top 100 companies to work for.

The last few years has seen many changes in the company, a lot of them due to the regulations brought in by the FSA. The changes, although of benefit to the customer and ultimately of benefit to the employees, have seen a dip in the profits. So, of course, it’s been the employees that have paid with a drop in commission and reduction of overtime pay. This in turn has produced a lot of ill feeling amongst the employees.

These committees have been formed to look at communication, the leadership team, ideas for the future, and various other things. There’s a mixture of agents, managers, admin clerks, marketing reps, IT guys, and basically anyone that wanted to try to make things better. A good all round sampling of the many departments in the company, trying to improve things for everyone.

I think this is a very positive step forward and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s taken on board by other companies.

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