First Working Day of Annual Leave

Decided to go shopping. Only had a few things to do in town. As usual I forgot half of them! Still, had a nice morning. Treated myself to breakfast in BHS. I was thinking about cinema as well, but it’s freezing out there. Maybe later in the week.

The snow is starting to melt now but there’s a lot of running water on the roads and footpaths. If it doesn’t dry up the ice will be treachorous tomorrow.

Got a taxi to my daughters home yesterday. Our council hadn’t gritted any of the roads. The taxi driver said he’d seen two accidents that morning. This was at 10.30am. Imagine how many there could have been by teatime.

Why do people still think they can race when there’s snow and ice on the roads? Do they think they’re going to get to their destination quicker? Maybe they’re right. The automatic skid would certainly speed up the momentum. Question is – would they still be going in the correct direction?

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