Absence Due to Bad Weather

I’m so glad I’m not at work this week. Apparently this snow is due to stay for a few days. It makes it awkward going shopping and getting things done outside of the home, but at least I can walk into the nearby towns. Work is a bit too far away to walk.

When we had the bad snow a few years ago, I remember the company closing early the one day. They got worried about people being able to get home. Nice of them.

The following day they informed everyone that we either had to make the hours up or take it as annual leave. Most of us refused. After all they should have advised us of this before sending us home. There were some people who worked the hours. Mad bunch.

The company is not going to slip up like that again! They’ve issued guidelines on attending work in bad weather. Basically we have to get there. If, for some reason, there is no way we can make it, then it has to be taken as leave. These are also the guidlines from ACAS. I checked.

So we have no choice. We either have to get there by car, taxi, bus, or walk (no chance).

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