Life and Death

So many people are talking about the death of Maggie Thatcher at the moment. Seems that a lot of people really didn’t like her as a person. Personally I think this is a stupid attitude. I can’t stand the conservatives, but she was a very good leader.

Maggie Thatcher wasn’t afraid to stand her ground. Unlike so many of her counterparts and peers. If she said she was going to do something she did it. We knew exactly what was going to happen and where we stood. Whether we liked her policies or not we could trust that she would do what she said she was going to do.

The unions hated her. Personally I think the unions are much better now because she took them on. I remember the crippling strikes of the 70’s where we all suffered because the unions were dictating to us. Now they advise us and help us when we need it. No more being forced to go on strike where our families suffer.

Whether you liked her or not she wasn’t afraid to take on the world.

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