I Don’t Know What My Water Pipes Are!

This was a new one today. I have often had customers who don’t know the difference between the drain and clean water supply pipe, but this was a customer who didn’t know what the water pipes were.

This person was a homeowner. They had purchased a property. Or maybe someone had purchased it for them. Maybe they have a rich lover. Or maybe the parents are rich and bought their kid a house. Anyway, I was trying to explain that the water pipes carry the water to the sink or to the bath or to the toilet. ‘I don’t know which pipes you mean,’ was the reply, ‘I’ll have to ask someone to show me.’ I didn’t think there was much point in continuing the conversation after that.

This homeowner was obviously intelligent enough to be a homeowner and to look after themselves in their own home. So how can they not know what the water pipes are? Where do they think the water comes from? How do they think the water gets to sink? Maybe they have magical abilities and can conjure up water out of thin air. Or maybe they live in a shack with no running water but just happen to have a telephone to call me.

Surely knowing what a water pipe is must be a most fundamental piece of knowledge. Do you really need someone to tell you what a water pipe is? Majority of children will be able to tell you what a water pipe is. But an adult, a homeowner, not knowing that there are water pipes in the home is ridiculous.

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