Is That The Best Price?

A customer called for details on one of our landlord policies. The beginning of the conversation was an extremely convoluted conversation. On the customers part that is. I asked her what she wanted covering. A simple question. I can’t quote a price unless I know what I need to quote on.

It took the customer about 10 minutes to decide what she wanted covering. She had to um and er about it, tell me about policies her family had got. I had to ask 3 times what she wanted covering. Got it eventually.

So I gave her a quote and ran through the details of the policy. ‘Is that the best price?’ She asked. ‘That’s the price of the policy’ I advised her. ‘Is that the best you can do?’ She tried again. I repeated my answer. She said she’d think about it because another company were offering the same cover cheaper.

Many companies offer similar policies but there is often differences between them so they are not the ‘same policy’. That’s why it’s advisable to shop around. Not just for the price. But also to check the cover, to find out which is most applicable for your particular needs.

The price of each policy is the price of the policy. You don’t get it cheaper because you’ve asked. So there is no point in asking. We are not a charity. This is a business. The prices are set based on many factors, such as labour, call out, parts, etc. So the price is the price. It’s not put there for decoration. If you want it cheaper go else where. Go to a charity. Beg on the street corner. Don’t come begging to us. It won’t work.

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