Threats Won’t Work

A customer called in a few days ago and spoke to one of our managers. She expected the manager to help her but she refused to do DPA.

DPA is required by law. We cannot discuss policy details to anyone unless they are the policy holder, or if the policy holder gives us permission to deal with another person. Giving policy details out to anyone without permission is a criminal offence and will, obviously, land us in an awful lot of trouble.

This customer would not do the DPA. She would not give any details of who she was, yet she expected our manager to assist her! When it was politely refused, and an explanation was given as to why it was refused, she became extremly abusive.

When the abuse and name calling didn’t work, she started on the threats. ‘I can find out who you are and where you live,’ she told our manager. She then started asking for the managers home address!

None of this worked. What the customer didn’t realise is that the phone number she was calling from came up on telephone! So any problems from this customer and not only do we have a recording of her threats but also the telephone number she’d called from. Easy to trace.

Needless to say she didn’t get any help whatsoever. But we had a very good laugh at her expense.

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