Be Thick And Blame Someone Else

I had to explain to a customer that her policy was not a landlords policy, but was intended for homeowners at their main place of residence. ‘Is this something new?’ She asked me. I explained it wasn’t new but had been the case since she started the policy. ‘So I’ve been paying for a policy that is invalid and you haven’t bothered telling me!’ She stated indignantly.

I patiently explained that she had sent in an application form that states ‘for homeowners at your main place of residence’, and that on the terms and conditions sent to her, under ‘property eligibility’, it again states ‘for homeowners at your main place of residence’. So we have told her. Twice in fact.

To be nice to a customer, I explained that we would have honoured any claims for her. I also gave details of the landlords covers that we do, and told her I put it on a pending cancellation so that she would have cover until the end of the month. This would give her chance to find a landlords cover if she didn’t want ours.

She then proceeded to tell me that we were a waste of time. That the policy wasn’t worth the paper it was written on, and other bits of verbal abuse. Just because she can’t be bothered to read the documents.

As an agent I have to be polite and professional, even though I know the customer is wrong. Sometimes it’s very difficult to keep my temper in check, especially when I know the person I’m speaking to is too lazy to read the documents.

I have stated many times at work that if I win the lottery they will be calling security to escort me from the building. If I win big I will go into work and say exactly what I’m thinking to people like this customer. My response on this call would have gone something like this:

‘You sent in the application form, which you clearly didn’t read. You received your documents, which you clearly didn’t read. We’re not going to read them for you. Just because you’re too lazy to read the information, don’t blame us. You are the one that is in the wrong here. If you are a landlord then you should know that you need a landlord’s policy. There’s been enough adverts on the TV, by another company, about the importance of landlords policies. Are you living in cloud cuckoo land? Are you trying to defraud the taxman? Are you trying to defraud us? Or you just plain thick? I’m going to cancel this policy immediately. You will have no more cover. Tough shit. Read your documents. If you are having problems with your eyesight see a professional about it. Would you really fill in a form and send a payment off without knowing what it was for? You obviously do. Now I have your address I’ll be sending a lot more forms that will need payment sending back. My address will be on there. I may even be so good as to enclose an SAE. Thank you for telling us you are landlord. Now piss off.’

I probably wouldn’t be there for too long. I can’t wait…

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