Not been at work today. My sore throat hadn’t disappeared this morning, in fact it was worse. It seems that I have a bit of a throat infection made worse by my hayfever. I’m supposed to take paracetamol and stay indoors out of the pollen.

We’re very busy at work at the moment so my absence will be felt. My thoughts are more concerned with not making my throat worse by taking phone calls all day. I’m losing money being absent, and I will have to make an extra effort to catch up where the sales target is concerned. So the decision to stay at home isn’t a quick one, but I have to put my health first. I also don’t want to pass it on to anyone else.

So I’ve been in all day – apart my from the visit to the docs this morning. Carried on sorting out cupboards. Got a lot done. Found loads out for the car boot that my daughter does occasionally. So the day has been productive if nothing else.

I rang work to let them know. I even had a call from my manager. She wanted to see how I was – or check up on me. Luckily I wasn’t sunning myself on some exotic beach. Or should that be ‘unfortunately’?

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