Call Me Dopey

Third day off sick now. Throat is feeling a little better. Still on the paracetamol but I won’t be taking any tomorrow. I’ve not had much today for that matter. Not good to have too much of it. Dangerous in fact. It can have an adverse effect on the liver, and it can be addictive. I once worked with someone who was addicted to pain killers. Not sure why it’s addictive – it tastes bloody foul.

My hayfever is still bad as well. I also feel very tired. I’m sleeping fine, but as soon as I sit down I feel as though I could fall asleep straight away. You could really call me Dopey at the moment. I’ve managed to get quite a bit done around the house, and I’ve felt fine while cleaning. But then I sit down to eat or have a quick drink and immediately my eyes are closing. I’m wondering if it’s the hayfever tablets and nose spray, on top of the paracetamol. Not good, so no paracetamol tomorrow.

I’m typing this while watching TV. I’m hoping this will keep me awake for a bit longer.

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