Back At Work

Back at work today. In tomorrow as well. Had the obligatory back-to-work interview, with the usual interrogation:

What was wrong?
Did you go to the doctors?
What did the doctor say?
What caused it?
Is there anything work can do to help?
Will it happen again?
Is it likely to reoccur?

I said it was likely to reoccur at some point. Well, let’s see…I’m getting older so my system will get weaker – fact of life; I have hayfever every year and there is no miracle cure – unless the company knows something I don’t; People come to work sick and pass viruses on to others – the company doesn’t send them home but prefers to put our health and safety at risk. Does that answer the question?

This is the first sickness I’ve had since xmas 2011. I don’t think it’s bad going. My health will always come before work, however.

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