Light Bulbs?

‘Is my security light covered?’ I was asked today. ‘No’ I replied, ‘but the wiring going to the security light will be covered.’

‘I don’t want the wiring covered.’ He told me. ‘I only need the light bulb changing.’

This was followed by a lengthy discussion about us not changing light bulbs under the insurance policy – it being a simple matter of general maintenance. The customer tried desperately to get me to change what I was saying, even trying to make me believe that it was covered previously. Changing light bulbs has never been covered, it still isn’t, and it is not going to be.

He then tried asking if the guttering was covered. On receiving a negative answer he again tried the same tactics that he had tried with the light bulb.

Whether he was trying it on and hoping to get me to change what I was saying, or whether he just wasn’t listening to me, I’m not sure. He did change the subject mid sentence several times as if trying to slip me up. He didn’t sound stupid. For all his trying though, I stuck to what I was saying as I know what the policy covered and didn’t cover.

I seriously believe he was trying to slip me up. If I’d have lost my patience and slipped up, he would have been able to call up and get something stupid covered after lodging a complaint about me. ‘The agent told me it was covered.’ Our calls are recorded. I would have been in trouble and he would have got someone out to change a light bulb and clean his gutter out for him. Thankfully my experience kept me out of that deep hole, and kept me calm and patient while repeating the same thing over and over.

The customer are not always right. Sometimes they can be downright crafty or deceptive.

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