Pesky Flies

Back to work on Monday. I’ve enjoyed a few days off, but it’s not enough. I’d love not to work. I certainly wouldn’t get bored at home. Loads to do. No stress. No company crap. Can’t afford not to work though. Not old enough to retire either. So I will have to put myself into auto pilot for another 15 to 20 years, to get through each boring, stressful day. I’ll just have to get on with it in other words. Unless I win the lottery. Oh well, nothing wrong with dreaming.

The flies are doing me in at the moment. The cat’s not helping. I keep telling him it’s about time he earned his keep and caught a few of the little bugs. Maybe I should stop feeding him – he may catch a few then. He’s far too spoilt. He just stretches himself out further and shuts his eyes – lazy git.

My parents and grandparents were always slap-harry with the fly spray when I was a kid. I hated it. The home is where you eat, drink, sleep, etc. Why would you want to spray it with poison? I can still see them spraying the kitchen just before meal times. Urrrghhh! I’ve never bought a can of fly spray myself, I’m very happy to say. You will never find such a horrible thing in my house.

I’ve done a bit of gardening the last few days, including a bit of weeding. Couldn’t find any Tansy though. I’ve read that it’s good for keeping flies out of the house. I haven’t tried it as yet. It’s supposed to be hung over the window or door. Apparently flies don’t like it. In past years I’ve bought a few carnivorous plants. They thrive during Summer – being well fed – but die during the Winter.

On a different note…X Factor begins again tonight. I wonder if it’ll appear fixed again, like it has in previous years?

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