Back From Holiday

Been on holiday this week. Didn’t have access to the internet so have not been able to blog anything. Had a cheap holiday. Wasn’t too bad but the weather could have been warmer. Spent too much as is usual. Didn’t drink too much – makes a change.

Fetching the cat tomorrow. He’s been safely ensconced in a local cattery. Going to cost about £50 but at least I know he’s been looked after properly.

It’s horrible coming back home after a break. I really don’t want to go back to work. It makes me realise that I’m not living life, only working.

It’s a problem with this country. We get up early and go to work. We get back home and are too tired to go socialising. Most socialising is done at the weekend, so that is two days out of seven. Not very balanced. And then there’s all the housework, gardening, DIY, which is done most often at the weekend. We look forward to the few weeks holiday away from work and home. We are spending less time with our families, less time with friends, and little time on ourselves.

I’ve worked most of my life. I’m now looking forward to retirement, but it won’t be for another 20 years if I stick to the normal retirement age. Can I manage another 20 years of slogging? I really don’t know.

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