What A Day…

Well, I came very close to telling customers to f*ck off today. I had quite a few, not just rude, but downright evil creeps on the phone today. I also had a few really nice customers to speak to, but not enough.

The company I work for is regulated by the FCA, and one of the things we have to make clear to the customer, is that the policy is optional. Now this may seem extremely obvious but we have to make it clear. One woman was being quite aggressive with me all the way through, but when I got to this point she began shouting at me, asking what I was on about.

‘What do you mean optional?’ she shouted. ‘I only want…’

‘Optional means it’s not compulsory.’ I told her. ‘It’s your choice.’

She then had another go at me. She then demanded me to ‘get on with it’. She then had a go that I was going too slow and it was taking too long. I then speeded up as fast as possible just to take the piss. She was a prat. Hopefully she’ll have an ar*ehole customer, just like she is, who’ll brighten up her day no end.

Categories: Call Centres

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