I’m stressed out. The full moon was last week so the looneys should be back behind doors by now. So I’d hope. Not so, however. They are still prominent and phoning our company in their droves.

I had about 3 calls wanting our competitors today. There’s a recorded message at the beginning of the call stating our company name. I also mention it when I answer the call. So why do they still have to ask…

‘Is that…?’

‘No it’s not!’ Are you deaf? The recording and I have both told you the company name. Stop bothering me!

I’ve had several people eating on the phone. Maybe they think I enjoy hearing them slurping, crunching, and making horrible sickly noises while they eat. It makes me feel sick. I wonder if they’d like to hear me vomit?

One of the customers worked for our company. I would have thought that she would know better than to be so ignorant. I even asked her if she was eating her lunch. Couldn’t help myself. It sounds disgusting. I’m going to start keeping chocolate or crisps on my desk, specifically for these calls, so I can give them an active example of how it sounds.

On top of that, about 80% of the calls today couldn’t be bothered to hold the phone properly. People seem to think that it’s ok to hold the phone by the mouth piece. Just like they do in the movies! Someone should remind them that movies are make-believe. They are not real. They are pretend. They are not really making phone calls. It’s just for show… Surely common sense tells you that if you cover the mouth piece – you know the bit that you speak into – then the person on the other end won’t hear you! It can’t be that difficult to figure out, surely?

This seems to be beyond the reasoning of some people. They seem to think that having their hand, or other things, over the mouth piece won’t impair the call whatsoever. So they’re speaking into a section that they have covered up and they actually think I can hear them. The amount of times I have to tell people to move their hand off the mouth piece is unbelievable. Again this is common sense, which seems to very badly lacking in a large amount of the population. I wear headphones but it would be quite easy for me to put my hand around the microphone. I wonder if the customers would hear me? I may just see what happens…

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