If You Want Help Then Appreciate It!

An old fella really annoyed me today. He called through asking for the address. Firstly he said he was hard of hearing and asked me to speak up. I fiddled with the headset and spoke slightly louder asking him if it was ok.

‘Yes’, he said. ‘That’s much better. I can hear you fine.’

That sorted I began to give him the address. I spoke slowly so he could get everything, although he questioned me on every line of the address and asked me to repeat it, which I did. Very simple call, so I thought. At the end he said thanks and off he went. Before he hung up I heard him speak to another person…

‘What a bloody pellaver!’ He said. ‘Never known anything so hard in my life.’

He wanted the address. I gave him the address. I spoke louder as he asked. I repeated things and answered questions when he asked. What more did he want? I most certainly wasn’t going to offer to go round and post his renewal, or pay for it, for him.

This kind of ignorace isn’t needed. If you don’t want me to help you then don’t ring. If you don’t want me to answer questions then don’t ask them. If you don’t want me to speak louder or repeat things then don’t ask. If you’re a miserable old bastard don’t bother me.

I don’t mind helping anyone, and I will go out of my way to help people where possible, as will my colleagues. But ignorance is not appreciated by any of us. It is not needed. It shows a lack of education, a lack of manners, and a poor bringing up.

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