Putting On Weight

I’ve put on a few pound working at the call centre. Actually it’s a bit more than a few. The frequent buffets we have don’t help. We seem to have one to celebrate anything and everything, whether it’s a religious festival, a birthday, a leaving, an engagement, absolutely anything will do as an excuse to stuff our faces.

I lost two stone a year or so back, following a well known diet plan. After a while I got fed up with following it and have now put a stone back on. Not good.

It doesn’t help sitting down all day, the food hits the bum and can’t go anywhere else. I saw a program on TV saying we stand at our desk as much as possible as it helps to lose weight. I tried that. I got back ache bending down to type. The standing was soon given up.

I decided, before Christmas, that I needed to eat better. I already eat a lot of veg. I love my veg. I don’t eat much meat, so have decided to cut it out completely. After all, they tell you to eat 5 fruit/veg a day. They don’t say anything about eating meat. I don’t eat much fruit so I’ve bought some and I’m making a real effort to eat it.

As my downfall is crisps – I love savoury food – I thought I’d try nuts instead. Again something the food-powers-that-be tell you to eat for the ‘good’ fat and protein. I’ve mixed the nuts with seeds and a bit of dried fruit. This was planned before Christmas, which was full of chocolate, crisps, and biscuits.

Since new year I’ve not had any crisps or chocolate – apart from new year’s day when I had a buffet. So far so good. I’ve a lost a pound and half in the last few days chomping on nuts and seeds at my desk, with my box full of various veg for lunch and tea. It’ll be interesting to see if I can continue with this and for how long. I’ll just have to try better than I usually do…

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