Red Meat Causes Cancer?

I saw on the TV this morning that ‘they’, whoever ‘they’ are, have now said that red meat can cause cancer. Well, this is not actually news. It’s been known for sometime. If you haven’t seen it watch the video of ‘Forks Over Knives’ ( It details research done showing the effects of an animal based diet and the effects of a plant-based diet. It’s quite eye-opening. The video is from 2011. However, in the 1970’s China began research on its own population to see what the correlation was between diet and cancer. The research was published in 1981.

The statistics show that countries who have the largest animal based diet also have the largest number of deaths due to coronary disease or cancer, while countries on a large plant-based diet have a lower number of deaths due to these medical reasons.

Researchers have also found that switching to a plant-based diet can reverse the effects of many conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, obesity, cancer, and many others. Now I’m not telling anyone to give up any medication they are on, but it’s been found that a plant-based diet makes people feel healthier and they feel that they have more energy.

In my mind the question is: ‘Why is this only now being said in the media, when it’s been known for sometime?’ The answer is very simple. The meat and dairy industry is a multi-billion pound industry. In the UK the only time we will get to hear the truth of this is when it begins costing more money in the NHS to treat these problems, than the meat and dairy industry is bringing in. After all, money is more important to people in power then the health of the workforce. If one worker dies there is always another to fill the place.

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In March a petition with over 100,000 signatures was handed in to the UK government, by the British Veterinary Association (BVA). The petition, raised by the BVA, was an attempt to stop slaughter without stunning, which is the current method used in halal (Muslim) and shechita (Jewish) meat industry.

The BVA and animal welfare organisations are against these forms of slaughter as the animal is conscious while killed and often takes several minutes to die. Stunning before slaughter minimises pain and suffering.

The UK government said it had “no intention” of outlawing religious slaughter, regardless of public feeling, or advice from the country’s top vets – people who obviously know what they are talking about. In fact the UK government have said that it is more a case of religious prejudice then animal welfare. Well I’m not Muslim or Jewish and I certainly find it offensive to be given halal or kosher foods. It has nothing to do with my beliefs and should not be forced on to me. When I’m handed this type of food I find it very prejudicial.

There are animal welfare laws in the UK. Laws that state that an animal must be stunned before slaughter. Religious groups are exempted from this law.

Is it right to condone the breaking of a law because of someone’s religious belief?

Lee Rigby was murdered in broad daylight by Michael Adebolajo, and Michael Adebowale who said they were doing it for religious reasons. Were they exempted from murder? Thankfully not.

So why is the UK government allowing the painful death of living creatures just because of some medieval religious reason?

According to the website (, What is Shechita?
“Shechita is performed by a highly trained shochet. The procedure consists of a rapid and expert transverse incision with an instrument of surgical sharpness (a chalaf), which severs the major structures and vessels at the neck. This causes an instant drop in blood pressure in the brain and immediately results in the irreversible cessation of consciousness. Thus, shechita renders the animal insensible to pain, dispatches and exsanguinates in a swift action, and fulfils all the requirements of humaneness and compassion.”

In the case of mammals, the thoracic cavity has to be examined to make sure there are no lesions on the organs in the chest. This is often done before the animal is dead.

Halal slaughter is very similar: the cutting of the throat without the animal being stunned, and then allowing it to die while a prayer to Allah is said over it. It is supposed to be done with a sharp knife and well away from any other animal – alive or dead – so that the animal being slaughtered does not get stressed.

At least that’s what these religious groups are saying.

An undercover investigation in Yorkshire filmed animals being kicked and stamped on, as well as being hacked to death in a halal abattoir.

An abattoir in Beirut was closed down after world outrage of animals being kicked, beaten, stamped on, as well as bulls being dragged by fingers in their eye sockets.

After public outrage, Australia has stopped exporting cattle to Indonesia because of cruelties inflicted on the animals.

An Asian abattoir in Florida is currently being investigated because of animals being skinned alive or having their heads turned 360 degrees to kill them.

All very religious I’m sure.

I often hear religious people say that their God created the Earth and everything on it. Surely if God is the prime artist and you ‘respect’ the artist then you would see the artists work as being priceless? Or am I being naïve? Why do some religions think that they can commit any kind of brutality and it’s ok?

I believe that everything on Earth has a soul and is created by God, or by this miraculous planet that we live on. We are all connected to this planet and cannot live without the other creatures on it.

I also believe in natural justice – you only need look at the state of the Middle East to see it at work.

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Half Way Through The Week

We’re half way through the week and it’s busy, busy, busy. Horrible.

I got back to work on Monday to find that I’d forgotten to give a customer some information, on a call at the beginning of the month, hence a failed call. Not good. Crap in fact.

It’s only Wednesday and I feel exhausted.

My diet is not going good. It never does when I’m stressed out. I’m hoping that the rest of the week will be a little bit better. And a bit quieter.

Back To Work Tomorrow

I’ve had a lovely week off but it’s back to work tomorrow. Don’t want to go in! I’ve had so much to do at home and I’ve not finished.

I started the painting in the bedroom. I’ve done about 1/3 of it so far. I’ve also been moving furniture upstairs and going through a lot of things. Threw a few things out. Still a lot more to go through. And a lot more painting to do.

I’m also starting my diet tomorrow. Doing it myself, but I’ll be following the plan of well known company. I’ve used it before and know it works as long as you stick to it. It’s the sticking to it that is the problem.

Working in the call centre means I’m sitting all day. Not good. Food lands on your ass and stays there. I need to start and get it shifted. My clothes are starting to get a little too tight!

Putting On Weight

I’ve put on a few pound working at the call centre. Actually it’s a bit more than a few. The frequent buffets we have don’t help. We seem to have one to celebrate anything and everything, whether it’s a religious festival, a birthday, a leaving, an engagement, absolutely anything will do as an excuse to stuff our faces.

I lost two stone a year or so back, following a well known diet plan. After a while I got fed up with following it and have now put a stone back on. Not good.

It doesn’t help sitting down all day, the food hits the bum and can’t go anywhere else. I saw a program on TV saying we stand at our desk as much as possible as it helps to lose weight. I tried that. I got back ache bending down to type. The standing was soon given up.

I decided, before Christmas, that I needed to eat better. I already eat a lot of veg. I love my veg. I don’t eat much meat, so have decided to cut it out completely. After all, they tell you to eat 5 fruit/veg a day. They don’t say anything about eating meat. I don’t eat much fruit so I’ve bought some and I’m making a real effort to eat it.

As my downfall is crisps – I love savoury food – I thought I’d try nuts instead. Again something the food-powers-that-be tell you to eat for the ‘good’ fat and protein. I’ve mixed the nuts with seeds and a bit of dried fruit. This was planned before Christmas, which was full of chocolate, crisps, and biscuits.

Since new year I’ve not had any crisps or chocolate – apart from new year’s day when I had a buffet. So far so good. I’ve a lost a pound and half in the last few days chomping on nuts and seeds at my desk, with my box full of various veg for lunch and tea. It’ll be interesting to see if I can continue with this and for how long. I’ll just have to try better than I usually do…

Buffet Time

We had a lovely buffet at work yesterday. We do this from time to time. This occasion was to celebrate Diwali. We all take in something to share, or put a few quid towards pizza, samosas, and spring rolls.

I did the unthinkable and forgot all about it.

A few people were ordering pizza so I was able to grovel and offer a contribution there. Luckily it was accepted.

As usual there was loads of food left over. And as usual the vultures from other sections came hovering around to pick at the leftovers.

This annoys me considerably.

I feel bad if I forget to contribute. So bad, in fact, that if I can’t put towards something that is being ordered in, like the pizza, then I won’t partake. These vultures, on the other hand, have not contributed at all. They spy the food and are suddenly starving. It appears that they are on a sea food diet – they see the food and need to eat it.

They have various methods of taking the food, just like vultures in the wild:

1) Circling Vultures
This is when the vultures hover around, about 2metres away from the food, walking back and forth biding their time. They wait until everyone has moved away, bound in quick, grab something, and run.

2) The Side Line Crawl
This is where said vulture needs to speak to someone on the team just as they are getting some food. Said vulture will hover, moving slowing, almost crawling around the food with our team mate, until the person they are speaking to feels guilty and offers them some food.

3) The Direct Approach
This is where said vulture spots the food and walks directly over, takes what they want, and then walks back to their desk.

4) Round the Mulberry Bush
Vulture walks over to the team and begins a general chit chat with a team member that they know well. Conversation slowly gets round to the buffet – takes up to 15 minutes. By this time the team member feels that they have to offer the vulture some food.

5) The Polite Approach
This is where the vulture will come and ask if they can have something. This is polite and well mannered so the answer is usually a yes.

6) Send the Team Manager (TM)
A vulture on a different team will manage to convince their TM to get some food for them. Said TM will wander over following one of the above scenarios and will take a plateful of food back for their team.

7) Ask the Team Manager (TM)
Some vultures will simply ask their own TM if they can have some of our food. Their TM will often say yes and instruct them to help themselves.

8) Ask a Friend
Vulture asks a friend who just happens to be friendly with one of our team members. Friend asks if they can have a samosa and ends up taking a plateful to share.

9) Ask the Audience
Vulture will question everyone around them to see if they have had food and do they think we would mind if they came over to have something.

10) 50 / 50
Vulture wanders over, grabs something, asks us if we mind. They already have their grubby talons on it so chances are we won’t say no. If we do they haven’t lost anything as they haven’t put anything into the buffet.

11) Patience
This is the one I don’t mind. These are people who get offered food by us at the end of the day. Their patience pays off and they are able to take whatever they want as it is offered to them freely.

I reckon we should put certain plates out full of mouldy stuff. That would teach them a lesson.

Want To Gain Weight? Join A Call Centre

If you want to gain weight start working for a call centre. Sitting at a desk for biggest part of the day anything you eat goes straight on the hips. Because you’re sitting most of the day your butt begins to flatten with the weight bearing down on it. Food and drink can’t get past the butt. Your legs begin to swell because the blood supply begins to get cut off. Not good.

It’s the worst place for eating junk food. We always have a drink with us. Talking all day long is very hard on the throat. You get hungry quickly so the tuck machine frequently comes in useful. Then there’s the cafe selling a variety of sandwiches. And cakes. And not forgetting the free tea and coffee. Out the machine of course. No proper milk. Only milk powder. Healthy? No chance.

Some days can be extremely stressful. So what do humans do when they’re stressed? They eat. Chocolate makes you feel happy, and gives you energy. Some days can be extremely boring. So what do we do when we’re bored? We eat.

I went up 3 sizes and 3.5 stone since joining the company. I lost 2 stone last year. It was very hard. I’m trying to keep up with drinking water and not coffee. I’m trying to take my veg in for dinner and not have sandwiches. I’m trying to limit my tuck and keep it to low calorie items. Trying being the operative word.

The last month or so I’ve gone back to my bad habits. I’ve put 1/2 stone back on. Not happy 😦

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