Want To Gain Weight? Join A Call Centre

If you want to gain weight start working for a call centre. Sitting at a desk for biggest part of the day anything you eat goes straight on the hips. Because you’re sitting most of the day your butt begins to flatten with the weight bearing down on it. Food and drink can’t get past the butt. Your legs begin to swell because the blood supply begins to get cut off. Not good.

It’s the worst place for eating junk food. We always have a drink with us. Talking all day long is very hard on the throat. You get hungry quickly so the tuck machine frequently comes in useful. Then there’s the cafe selling a variety of sandwiches. And cakes. And not forgetting the free tea and coffee. Out the machine of course. No proper milk. Only milk powder. Healthy? No chance.

Some days can be extremely stressful. So what do humans do when they’re stressed? They eat. Chocolate makes you feel happy, and gives you energy. Some days can be extremely boring. So what do we do when we’re bored? We eat.

I went up 3 sizes and 3.5 stone since joining the company. I lost 2 stone last year. It was very hard. I’m trying to keep up with drinking water and not coffee. I’m trying to take my veg in for dinner and not have sandwiches. I’m trying to limit my tuck and keep it to low calorie items. Trying being the operative word.

The last month or so I’ve gone back to my bad habits. I’ve put 1/2 stone back on. Not happy 😦

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