Press The Right Option!

Had to work today 😦 Got inundated with people needing engineers. They had either pressed the incorrect option, or couldn’t be bothered to press any option.

I understand that it can annoy some people listening to the options instead of speaking to a real person. However, the options are there to help people get to the correct department so that their query/problem can be dealt with efficiently. The company didn’t just think: ‘let’s put some options on the phone to confuse or annoy people’. They also didn’t think: ‘let’s put some options on for something to do’. The options are there to make things easier for people – customers and agents.

During peak call time, such as lunch time and early afternoon, there is often a queue of calls waiting to come through. A lot of those people have pressed the wrong option. So they wait a few minutes to get through to an agent in the call centre who then has to transfer them to the correct department. It’s a waste of the customers time and a waste of the agents time. It also makes us as mad as hell.

Just imagine if you have water pouring through the ceiling. Are you going to press the option which states ‘if you wish to get an engineer…’, or are you going to press ‘if you have any other enquiry…’? The choice is purely the customers.

The options are very clear. It’s a simple thought process. It’s a simple push of the finger on the button. It won’t damage your finger. It won’t break your arm. It will get you through to the correct person. It will help you get sorted quickly. It will save you waiting in a call queue only to be transferred elsewhere. It will get you an engineer quicker. Customer’s choice.

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