Working In The Call Centre

This is a poem I wrote about my time in the call centre. I have removed any reference to the company name and I’ve also removed one of the verses. Have to keep references to the company out otherwise I’m in trouble!

The call centre is where I’m found,
Over 11 years now, but where am I bound?
Through the highs and lows, the ups and the downs,
I’m still sitting here in deepest Inbound.

Outbound was the start of this long career,
Followed by Inbounds phones ringing loud and clear.
Warranty was next for over four years,
But the cutting of commission brought on money fears.

Over to One Contact that promised finance secure,
But I’d have been better off filling my shoes with manure.
‘You’ll be helping out on Sales & Service’, I was told one day,
Little did I know that this was fortune looking my way.

So after a few years with Jobs On Demand,
I went to help out IDE and Builders in Inbound.
The commission was good arriving thick and fast,
But of course it was too good to last.

Many have gone and there’s new people in charge,
But the vans are still evident – the company’s at large.
The future looks cheery, rosey and bright
We are still here, not going from sight.

As for me, well who knows where I’ll end,
I’ve been round the block and round the bend.
Unless the company opens the door and gives me a kick,
I may still be here in my 90’s complete with walking stick.

Sekhmetscat 26 April 2014

Categories: Call Centres

2 thoughts on “Working In The Call Centre

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