Digital Chat

I had the opportunity to sit with our digital chat guys today. I found it very interesting. They do very much the same as what I do but they do it online whereas I’m on the telephone.

Customers can chat on the net to one of our agents, and get questions answered about the policies they are looking at. Interestingly these digital guys also get the occasional rude customer! They also get the jokers, the let’s-get-straight-to-the-point customers, and the chat room addicts.

They can monitor the visitors on the website in depth. They know where they are logging on from, how many times each individual has visited the website, how long they’ve been on there, what pages they’re looking at. Sometimes it even provides the customers postcode.

Although I use the net a lot, I’m not a computer tech whiz at all. When I saw just how much information was being picked up from a customer logging on to our company site, it was surprising, if not a little intimidating. Do we want companies accessing so much information this easily? I get the feeling that this will become more in depth in the future as there doesn’t seem to be any legal restrictions on it. I bet some of the bigger companies are already picking up so much personal information about a customer they could probably have access to everything the customer has.

So be aware next time you’re on the net, of how much information you are giving away just be logging on to a website.

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