Getting Annoyed Again

The last few months I’ve been focussing on feeling positive and looking at the good side of things, however today I found myself getting annoyed again.

We have to have product training and assessments on the products the company offers, before we are allowed to sell them or set them up. Financial Conduct Regulations. There is a certain section of policies that I’m not trained on. No fault of mine and a real bug bear of contention.

I was due to have two days worth of training last year that got cancelled after the first half hour. It was never rescheduled for me. Since then I’ve been asking for training constantly. At the moment any customer wanting one of these particular policies I have to transfer. Sounds quite simple. It normally is except for the last couple of weeks.

It’s quite busy at the moment so the people doing these policies are run off their feet. I’ve had a couple of them telling me to set up the policies. This is something they should not be doing. They are not managers so have no authority over me, but also if someone is not trained on something they should not be telling them it’s ok to do it.

On top of that I had their coach coming over to me to day asking who’s told me that I don’t need to set them up! I was so angry that I got upset. My manager and coach were trying to calm me down and got the sales manager involved. She went and put the other teams’ coach straight.

I don’t who these people think they are but they certainly can’t ask me to do something I’m not trained on. It’s not them that will get into trouble, it’s me. Serious trouble. I’m well and truly p*ssed off about it.

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