We’re Closed!

Unfortunately I had to work this Saturday. Right at the end of my shift I had a customer ringing to take out a policy that I don’t deal with. I’m not authorised to set it up so would have been in serious trouble if I had done so. However, as I explained to the customer,Continue reading “We’re Closed!”

Hard To Believe

If I didn’t work in a call centre I would find the following very hard to believe. However, the following experiences from myself and my colleagues are, unfortunately, true. Agent: What model of boiler do you have? Customer: It’s a shiny white one. Agent: How would you like to pay? Customer: You can use theContinue reading “Hard To Believe”

Terms And Conditions

We often send the terms and conditions out with our mailing packs so that customers can read the two page document that gives them full information about a product. They then know exactly what they are buying before calling us. I asked a customer if she had received the terms and conditions from us, regardingContinue reading “Terms And Conditions”

I Understand Completely!

A customer said that she understood completely! Well I’ve heard that one many times over. ‘I’m an agent ringing on behalf of the landlord.’ She told me. ‘I want to know when the policy expires.’ I explained that we had no details of the agents on our system, and no permission from the policy holderContinue reading “I Understand Completely!”

Third Parties

I’ve mentioned before about third party callers and the fact that we can’t discuss policy details with them. Not without the express permission of the policy holder or a copy of the Power of Attorney. Most people understand this. It’s only the few that complain relentlessly trying to get us to back down. There areContinue reading “Third Parties”

Policy Or Not? That Is The Question

‘Do you have a policy?’ I asked the gentleman who phoned through. ‘Yes.’ He answered. ‘But it’s gone.’ ‘What’s gone?’ I asked. ‘The guarantee has gone.’ ‘So,’ I queried, ‘are you actually saying that you don’t have a policy?’ ‘No.’ I put the question a different way: ‘Do you want to get an engineer underContinue reading “Policy Or Not? That Is The Question”