Buying Expensive Items

When buying a large expensive item it’s common place to do your research and you check out all the details of it before buying. You look at the model and what it’s capable of, it’s capacity, what it’s powered by, etc. Whether it’s a house, a car, a boiler, a washer, a computer, or any other expensive item.

Part of my job is to register new boilers and it’s unbelievable how many people do not know what boiler they have. They have gone out and purchased an item that could have cost a couple of thousand pound and they have no idea what model it is. If this wasn’t bad enough, some of them don’t even know when it was installed in their own home, or what powers it!

So a homeowner has paid a complete stranger for an expensive item that they know nothing about, asking said complete stranger to enter their home on a random date, rip out a major appliance that provides heating and hot water, install an appliance they know nothing about or how it works, and they’ve paid several hundred or a couple of thousand pounds for said stranger to do it. Incredible.

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We’re Closed!

Unfortunately I had to work this Saturday. Right at the end of my shift I had a customer ringing to take out a policy that I don’t deal with. I’m not authorised to set it up so would have been in serious trouble if I had done so. However, as I explained to the customer, the department that could set this policy up had closed – and they were all walking out. Don’t blame them. End of their shift and they have homes to get to.

This particular customer would not accept that we were closed. No. She was insisting that there was someone there who could set the policy up for. After explaining to her several times that she would have to phone back another time, and she not accepting what I was saying, I got fed up with it. I told her I could put her through to that department but they were closed so would not answer her call.

‘Put me through there!’ She demanded. So I did. Then I went home.

I’m expecting her to call back on Monday and lodge a complaint. But how many times do I have to tell someone that there is no one there to help them? Did she think I was lying? What possible reason would I have to lie? All of our documents state our opening times, so if someone wants to ring at closing time then they must be prepared not to get any help.

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Our Little Stray

Star, the little stray cat that ran into my kitchen, went to his new home yesterday. I helped my daughter get everything she needed for him and we then picked him up from my home and took him to hers. He seemed to be right at home there.

He’ll get a lot more attention there – he has already shown us that he likes as much attention as possible!

He’s taken to running up and down the stairs already, and he loves the banisters where he can poke his head through and watch everybody downstairs.

He’s not too keen on his pyramid bed – he’s taken to the living room mat though!

He hasn’t noticed the fish tank yet. That’s going to be interesting.

He’ll have to be kept in for a few days until he gets used to his new home, but I reckon he’ll settle in quickly there.

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Black Cat

Looks like we have a new addition to the family. A little black cat ran into my kitchen on Wednesday night. Friendly little thing but covered in fleas and starving. Wolfed down three full dishes of food and wanted more. I was bit weary of giving him any more as he might have been sick.

Luckily I’d got some flea stuff so I did him straight away, and de-wormed him the next day. The scratching has taken away most of the fur on his back legs, belly, and the fur is very thin on his back.

My cat is not too happy about this new addition using his litter tray or eating from his dishes! Still there’s not been any major scraps, just a bitt of hissing and growling.

I’ve advertised him on Cats Protection – just in case someone is looking for him. I reckon he’s been on the streets for a while, but has been fed by people. He doesn’t seem to know what toys are and just backs away from them so I don’t think he can hunt. I’m betting that people have fed him bits, feeling sorry for him, but wouldn’t have him in the house because of the fleas.

Took him up the vets on Saturday. Vet said he was in good health apart from being very thin. He is neutured, about 2 years old, but has an allergy to the flea bites.

I’ve kept him in for the last few days. He’s using the litter tray perfectly, and is a real little cutey. If no one claims him, which I don’t think they will, then my daughter will be having him.

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What’s Best?

A woman called today not sure of which policy she wanted or what was best for her. I gave her details of the policies in question and asked which she favoured.

‘Oh I don’t know.’ She said. ‘I don’t know what’s best for me. What would you suggest?’

‘Well,’ I said, ‘I can’t give you advise as I don’t know anything about your property, so I won’t know what’s best for it.’

‘Well I don’t know either!’ She said indignantly.

‘But you live there!’ I reminded her.

Surely a homeowner will know about their property? Surely a homeowner will know what insurance they have or don’t have? Or am I being naïve again? Answers on a postcard…

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Improving Weather

Haven’t been out today. Been too busy at home. I can see the snow is melting though. I’ve also had post today. The first time since Thursday.

It’s funny how certain people don’t work in bad weather. We’ve had no post for a few days, the bins haven’t been emptied. My street and the surrounding roads are lined with full bins. Bins that should have been emptied last Friday. I’m obviously in the wrong job.

Enjoying my annual leave. But this week is going by far too quickly.

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