I Understand Completely!

A customer said that she understood completely! Well I’ve heard that one many times over. ‘I’m an agent ringing on behalf of the landlord.’ She told me. ‘I want to know when the policy expires.’ I explained that we had no details of the agents on our system, and no permission from the policy holderContinue reading “I Understand Completely!”

Third Parties

I’ve mentioned before about third party callers and the fact that we can’t discuss policy details with them. Not without the express permission of the policy holder or a copy of the Power of Attorney. Most people understand this. It’s only the few that complain relentlessly trying to get us to back down. There areContinue reading “Third Parties”

Conversation With a Colleague

I have often written about the calls I receive from customers, but I’d like to share an internal conversation this time. A few days ago one of my colleagues received a call from a lady kindly informing us that the policy holder had sadly passed away. Mrs X said that she was the new ownerContinue reading “Conversation With a Colleague”

Lies And False Accusations

It’s not a pleasant experience to be accused of something you haven’t done. It’s happened to me in the past. You get the odd idiot hoping to cause trouble because you have something they don’t have or you have achieved something they haven’t. They didn’t succeed. It’s often quite easy to turn the tables againstContinue reading “Lies And False Accusations”